Get your own Subjectified Movie Party Kit!

Our Movie Party Kits let you watch Subjectified, the documentary about young women’s real experiences of sex and sexuality, and start a fun and compelling conversation that lasts long after the movie ends.

Has sex on TV ever left you feeling uncomfortably abnormal or confused? Have you ever wanted to tell your friend something, but didn’t feel like you could? It all seems less scary when you can talk it out. The movie party kit lets you start the discussions that build supportive friendships and demystify talking about sexuality in your own life. The kit gives you the tools to host a movie party in your living room, including a Subjectified DVD along with games and activities to help your group talk about sex in fun, safe and supportive ways. The materials are engaging for older teenagers through seniors.

Kits Contain

  • Subjectified DVD for personal use
  • Subjectified tote bag
  • Movie Party Hosting and Conversation Guide with the information you need to have a fantastic movie party and an unforgettable discussion
  • Subjectified¬†conversation game materials including card games, question cards, make-your-own bumper stickers with pocket Sharpies, photo cards, and fun surprises!
  • Custom made party kit toolbox

Who are the kits for?

  • Adults and older teenagers
  • Book clubs or discussion groups
  • College campus groups and Sororities
  • Independent sex ed initiatives (Girls Scouts, sex ed curricula from religious or civic organizations)
  • Parent groups and parents of adolescents
  • Sex ed teachers, sexuality educators, and counselors (contact us if institutional rates may apply)
  • YOU and your two best friends!

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