Bring Subjectified to your school!

If you’re an educator or institution, check out our classroom resources! Campus groups can also bring Subjectified to campus for screenings and interactive events.

Subjectified and Do Tell are oral histories that empower us to speak up with our own stories about sex, moving past the silence and shame that surround sexuality in American culture. Campuses around the U.S. have used Subjectified to spark engaging, inclusive, important discussions about sexual health and violence, slut shaming, rape culture, gender and sexuality, pleasure, and sex positivity.

If you are a a student organizer, educator, or campus administrator, please contact us for more information about bringing Subjectified to your campus! We have options including documentary screenings, movie party kits for small groups, lectures and presentations with the director, and classroom materials customized for a range of issue areas and budgets.


A wonderfully useful tool for starting conversations about female sexuality (and male sexuality!).

- Emily E. Prior, MA, College Instructor, Sexual Educator, and Director of the Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angeles


The conversation is fun and open, but it is also discreet. In the background, Melissa’s voice is easy on the ears even when the questions are intimate or venture into areas that even today, with our informal and generous over sharing, could get a bit personal. Truth be told – and it is – the women of Subjectified tell us what we want to know.

- Daphne Strassmann, co-Director of the Lesley University Women’s Center

Subjectified events have been sponsored by campus organizations such as:

    • Women’s History Month, Brown University and Columbia University
    • Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Women’s Resource Center, Bowdoin College
    • FemSex (Female Sexuality) Workshop at UC Berkeley and Brown University
    • Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., UC Davis
    • Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
    • Men’s Peer Education Program, Columbia University
    • Berkeley NOW
    • Sexual Health Educators, Wellesley College
    • Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Brandeis University
    • Columbia Queer Alliance, Columbia University
    • Sherman House Co-operative, UC Berkeley
    • Women’s Center, Lesley University
    • UCD Consortium for Women and Research, host organization of the Davis Feminist Film Festival
    • Women and Gender Studies Program, UC Davis
    • Cross-Cultural Center, UC Davis
    • Lambda Law Students Association,UC Davis 
    • UC Davis Law School Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild,
    • Gender and Sexuality Studies Departmental Undergraduate Groups, Brown University
    • Queer Alliance Community Committee, Brown University
    • Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council, Brown University
    • Safe Space, Bowdoin College
    • Center for the Study of Sexual Cultures, UC Berkeley
    • Radical Columbia Undergraduates Not Taking Sexism, Columbia University
    • Everyone Allied Against Homophobia, Columbia University


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Melissa speaking in a Women’s Studies class with Professor Amy Rutstein-Riley, Lesley University, photo courtesy of Daphne Strassmann.