For Educators


Subjectified is an important and unique tool for high school, college, young adult, or adult settings, to create open discussions about sex and sexuality.  Watching Subjectified can also be an effective way for educators, social workers, and social services providers to learn about the experiences of young women and how to communicate with them effectively about sexuality.


We can also provide licensees with lesson plans and discussion guides.  Currently, we have lesson plans for college level Women’s Studies/Sociology/Social Sciences courses as well as discussion guides for young adult sex ed.  Other lesson plans are in development. Please contact us if you can help write or test curriculum for Subjectified.


Subjectified is available for institutional licenses and for public exhibition.  For private classroom use, you may be eligible to use a personal use DVD.  Contact us to discuss options within your budget. We can also recommend experienced facilitators in many areas of the country, if you would like to collaborate on a discussion.

If you are a k-12 educator, social worker or social services provider who would like to apply for a free or reduced-cost copy of Subjectified through our Educator Match Program, click here for our application form, or contact us to learn more!


Women's Studies Class

Melissa speaking in a Women’s Studies class with Professor Amy Rutstein-Riley, Lesley University, photo courtesy of Daphne Strassmann.