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[A]bsolutely riveting (Link)

- Cosmopolitan UK on Subjectified’s Do Tell Blog


[A]ddresses female sexuality head on (Link)

- The Huffington Post, front page feature


Strikingly honest. (Link)

- BuzzFeed’s Anna North


[P]retty wonderful stuff (Link)

- Jezebel’s Rebecca ‘Burt’ Ray


Although it seems like sex is all around us—on the TV, in movies, in music, on billboards—we seem to have a problem actually talking about it. Enter Subjectified (Link)

- Shape Magazine’s Alanna Nunez


Subjectified ventures into waters that remain shockingly uncharted. (Link)

- RH Reality Check’s Sarah Seltzer


This culture is long on lamenting the sexualization of women and girls, but short on actually listening to women and girls talk about their own experiences with sex, being sexy, and sexuality. Melissa Tapper Goldman’s Subjectifed says that women don’t want to be reduced to their sexuality, but they don’t want to have to deny it, either. This is feminist storytelling–and it is powerful.

- Jennifer Baumgardner, creator of the I Had an Abortion Project and author of Look Both Ways: Girls and Sex, Manifesta, and Abortion & Life


Subjectified offers us a diverse range of women’s voices and experiences; the nine young women in the film articulate their perspectives on sex and sexuality with great clarity and honesty, providing nuanced insights into contemporary sexual cultures while staking their claims to feminist agency, pleasure and self-knowledge. Through these young women’s stories, we learn more about how women are learning to navigate and challenge a sexual culture that can be objectifying and repressive. In Subjectified, Melissa Tapper Goldman has made an important and powerful documentary.

- Meenakshi Gigi Durham, Ph.D., Professor at the University of Iowa, author of The Lolita Effect, and featured contributor in Miss Representation


A wonderfully useful tool for starting conversations about female sexuality (and male sexuality!).

- Emily E. Prior, MA, Sexuality Educator and Director of the Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angeles


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Melissa featured on Jaclyn Friedman’s podcast, Fucking While Feminist (free download from jaclynfriedman.com or iTunes)

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Screening History:

  • Community Screening, December 5, 2012. Co-sponsored by Sadie Magazine and hosted by the YWCA of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Center for Family Life Education’s National Sex Ed Conference, excerpt and presentation, November 28, 2012, Somerset, NJ.
  • Excerpt screened at Women, Sex & Storytelling OR How To Not Shut Up! event, October 17, 2012. Co-sponsored by Women, Action and the Media New York and Women’s eNews, New York, NY.
  • Columbia University, March 3, 2012. Presented by Women’s History Month, Radical Columbia Undergraduates Not Taking Sexism, Columbia Queer Alliance, Everyone Allied Against Homophobia, Men’s Peer Education Program.
  • Sherman Hall, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Berkeley, CA, December 6, 2011. Student-organized screening.
  • University of California Davis, September 22, 2011, followed by Q&A with the director. Presented by the UCD Consortium for Women and Research, host organization of the Davis Feminist Film Festival, the Women and Gender Studies Program, the Cross-Cultural Center, Lambda Law Students Association, UC Davis Law School Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, the Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. at UC Davis and Aggies of Color.
  • San Francisco, California, September 15th 2011, followed by Q&A with the director. Opera Plaza Cinema.
  • Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, April 6th 2011, Baltimore, MD followed by Q&A with the director.
  • Brown University, March 23, 2011, Providence, RI, followed by Q&A with the director. Sponsored by: Gender and Sexuality Studies Departmental Undergraduate Groups, Women’s History Month, the Queer Alliance Community Committee, the Female Sexuality Workshop and the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council.
  • University of California, Berkeley, November 18, 2010, Berkeley, CA, followed by Q&A with the director and interviewee Joy. Presented by Berkeley NOW and the Center for the Study of Sexual Cultures.
  • Bowdoin College, November 10, 2010, Brunswick, ME. followed by Q&A with the director. Presented by Safe Space and the Women’s Resource Center.
  • Lesley University Women’s Center, October 21, 2010, Cambridge, MA at Lesley University’s Marran Theater. Screening followed by Q&A with the director and interviewee Alexis. Presented by the Women’s Center at Lesley University.
  • Female Sexuality Course, October 22, 2010, Berkeley, CA. Presented by FemSex at University of California Berkeley.
  • Lesley University’s Women in Culture & Society Course, October 20, 2010, Cambridge, MA. Excerpt and discussion with the director. Taught by Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley.
  • Lesley University Women’s Center, October 21, 2010, Cambridge, MA at Lesley University’s Marran Theater. Screening followed by Q&A with the director and interviewee Alexis. Presented by the Women’s Center at Lesley University.
  • Moishe/Kavod House, October 24, 2010, Brookline, MA. Screening followed by dinner and discussion with the director and the Moshe/Kavod Sex Ed Team.
  • Boston International Film Festival, April 24, 2010, Boston, MA. Followed by Q&A with the director.
  • Wellesley College Sexual Health Educators, May 5, 2010, Wellesley, MA. Followed by Q&A with the director and interviewee Alexis.
  • Chicks Make Flicks. WIFV/NE & MIT Feburary 4, 2010, Cambridge, MA at MIT. Followed by Q&A with the director and interviewee Alexis. This viewing is part of the Chicks Make Flicks series presented by Women in Film & Video New England and the Program in Women’s & Gender Studies at MIT.